We have just 7 days to create landmark laws that fight plastic pollution.

Hi Manfred,

We have just 7 days to create landmark laws that fight plastic pollution.

The government is considering the introduction of new laws to tackle the thousands of plastic items discarded in this country every day - and they want us to have our say. This could be a milestone in the fight against plastic. And we don't have long - they've given us a deadline of next Friday to let them know what we think.

Can you spare one minute to tackle the plastic problem?

We have a problem - it's plastic, and it's everywhere. Every single minute a rubbish truck load of plastic gets dumped into our oceans [1], harming wildlife and polluting beaches.

Studies show that 1 in 3 turtles have eaten marine plastic [2], and 90% of seabirds have ingested it [3]. And now we're even finding record levels of plastic in the Arctic sea ice. [4]

The good news is the government is taking notice - and wants us to help find a solution. They have opened a consultation to hear all of our views on how to tackle the problem of throwaway plastic.

Having your say is as quick and easy as signing a petition. We've written a template response that you can edit if you like. Are you in?

Over the past few years, plastic has become a part of the public conversation - and that's down to people like you. The government has taken action off the back of public support before - they banned microbeads and introduced a charge for plastic bags.

This shows that people power works. Now, together, we have an opportunity to create another huge landmark in the fight against plastic - and move a milestone towards protecting our planet. We just need to make our voices heard.

Thank you for everything you do,
Anthony, Greenpeace UK

P.S. If you want to edit your response but are unsure what to write, please check out our blog which has some talking points to get you started. (If you're swearing or insulting in your response, it'll quite likely be discounted - so please be constructive :) )

1. Greenpeace: A rubbish truck of plastic in the ocean every minute - and how you can help.
2. Huffington Post: University of Queensland Study Shows One In Three Turtles Have Eaten Marine Plastic.
3. Guardian: Up to 90% of seabirds have plastic in their guts, study finds.
4. Guardian: Record levels of plastic discovered in the Arctic sea ice.

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